KIX Release 18.18

New functions in KIX (version 18)

Self Service Portal - Actions with form fields (KIX Pro/Cloud)

The Self Service Portal (SSP) now also supports ticket creation without specifying articles - only with form fields. This supports processes even better and users no longer have to enter a long descriptive text.

Ticket campaigns are now also possible in the Self Service Portal. For illustration and for more complete ITIL4 conformity, an option for customer feedback after a ticket has been concluded has been added. Users can express their satisfaction with the handling of the service incident.

User advantage:

  • New inquiries can dispense with the subject and long descriptions and only contain relevant information on the form.

  • Queries can be given depending on the workflow and status → simple dialogues and usability

  • Possibility of feedback on satisfaction after purchasing the ticket

Agent advantage:

  • Precise and targeted feedback from SSP users, through specific input fields and avoidance of "free text prose" → more efficient classification by service employees
  • Optional satisfaction feedback at the end of ticket processing → measurability of satisfaction of service customers (ITIL practice)

Admin advantage:

  • Additional design options for mapping workflows and processes → broader use cases

UI configuration in the agent portal (KIX Start/Pro/Cloud)

The UI of the KIX agent portal was already very granularly configurable in previous releases. However, the individual configuration settings were not always easy to find in SysConfig and their structure was not self-explanatory.

The UI construction kit provided by KIX is tidied up through graphically supported configuration of the agent portal UI.

The configurations stored in JSON format are further supported by a special Editor for JSON easier to read and edit.

Administrator advantage:

  • The UI can be configured more quickly → less admin effort

  • Visualization of the GUI structure → less admin effort

Service catalog in the agent portal (KIX Pro/Cloud)

Ticket templates can now also be arranged in groups and subgroups over any number of levels in the agent portal. As a result, a structure of the services offered can be offered in the agent portal that is easier for the user to find. A structured service catalog is therefore available to the agent user.

User advantage:

  • Better findability of ticket templates or service requests → faster ticket creation, shorter conversation times

  • Service catalog → ITIL conformity

Macro Action StateSet accepts timestamps (KIX Start/Pro/Cloud)

The macro action "StateSet" now not only accepts relative waiting times, but also information in the form "2021-08-07 12:34:56", which can also come from placeholders. This makes it possible to set waiting times based on dynamic fields of the Date / Time type or to set the waiting time of a sub-task to be the same as the waiting time of the main process.

In order not to set reminder times outside of the service hours, it can also be configured whether the reminder should take place at the end or the beginning of the business day ("begin / end of business day")

Administrator advantage:

  • additional design options for mapping automatic workflows and processes

Configuration of the field order in templates and actions (KIX Pro/Cloud)

The order of the input elements in ticket templates and actions can now be configured using drag & drop, thus allowing the dialogs to be adjusted more conveniently.

Administrator advantage:

  • The dialogs and templates can be configured more quickly → less admin work

Miscellaneous and update notes (KIX Start/Pro/Cloud)

For objects that do not have their own icons, object class-specific icons are now displayed instead of the "?" Icon.

The typification of the organizations stored in the system is now based on terms that are closer to the ITIL4 vocabulary ("supplier", "partner / supplier", "customer"). Existing organizational data are automatically adjusted in the update.

The specified fields for child and parent tickets as well as planned expenses are now also available in the self-service portal to create transparency for customers. If the planned effort is not displayed, the field can be configured by the admin. The given checklist fields can now be changed, reducing the need to create new fields for your own checklist specifications.

Since the specification of article contents (subject, long text, attachments) is now optional for creating tickets in the SSP, the default templates for the Self Service Portal are updated. Any changes that have already been made to the "Incident Report" and "Service Request" templates will be lost and must be restored manually.

Complete Feature-List in our KIX-Forum

A detailed documentation on the new features and the fixed bugs from KIX 18 v18 can be found in our KIX forum. There you can also send us your questions, hints or problems about KIX at any time.


The upcoming KIX version 19 will include OAuth registration, e.g. for Office365 receiving and sending mail, customizable widget tables in dashboards and a ticket map display (OSM) in the team dashboard for planning field agent assignments.


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The mandatory fields marked with * are essential for establishing contact.