KIX Release 18.17

New functions in KIX (version 18)

Clearly visible revision of the UI (KIX Start/Pro/Cloud)

KIX received significant improvements to the user interface (GUI) for the agent portal. This means that it can be used more flexibly and conserves resources. The use on mobile devices has been significantly improved. The parallel opening of different contexts is also possible, as is the setting up of a personal "KIX desktop".

Organization, contact, ticket or asset information can be fixed ("pinned") and is available again the next time you log in. This applies in particular to edits that have not been completed. This creates an easy-to-use design mode that protects against loss of work results and also enables the user to switch seamlessly between different workstations.

User advantage:

  • Improvement of usability on mobile devices

  • Improvement of the performance on client devices

  • Design backup for switching between workstations

  • Easy to find designs • KIX internal tab display

  • Multiple use of the same forms (e.g. parallel ticket creation)

The changed user interface is also described in the KIX18 User Manual.

Template grouping in the SSP - aka "Service catalog from the user's point of view" (KIX Pro/Cloud)

Ticket templates can now be arranged in groups and subgroups over any number of levels. As a result, a structure of the services offered is offered in the self-service portal that is easier for the user to find. For the user, this is the visualization and presentation of a service catalog. The use of groupings on the agent side will be included in the next release.

User advantage:

  • Better findability of ticket templates and service requests

  • Support of ITIL Practice "Service Catalog Management"

Please note: Existing templates are not assigned to any template group. The assignment must be made manually.

Reactivation / adaptation of the system monitoring connection (KIX Start/Pro/Cloud)

The configuration of the automatic processing of system monitoring emails has been revised and adapted to the new functionality of the "affected assets". Instead of just creating a link and then setting the incident status, this is now set directly when the ticket is created. The affected device (or service) is entered in the "Affected Asset" field.

Advantage user:

  • Support of ITIL practice "Monitoring & Event Management"
  • The incident status of an asset is now set directly when the first message is received
  • CMDB information is thus directly up-to-date

Please note: New Dynamic "Text" type fields set up on tickets (AcknowledgeName, SysMonXAlias, SysMonXAddress, SysMonXHost, SysMonXService, SysMonXState). The KIX18 documentation has a detailed usage section.

Miscellaneous and update notes (KIX Start/Pro/Cloud)

Notification layout:
The system notification template now includes a "Powered by KIX Service Management" reference. It will not be visible if a specific configuration already exists.

No more FAQ entries on KIX:
KIX no longer delivers FAQ articles on itself. It is important to consistently use our online help - among other things to ensure that it is up-to-date and to enable interaction. We recommend deleting the existing entries. The display as a favorite link has been omitted everywhere. This means that initially there are no favorites available. A search template must therefore first be set up for demonstration purposes.

Mail filtering on message body:
If the default configuration "PostmasterX-Header" is not changed, no action is necessary. Otherwise please add the "Body" header.

User settings for optional notifications:
The storage of optional notifications has been changed. The update updates these settings. Please check after update.

Change permissions:
If you have your own authorizations that have used these roles as a template, the named changes must also be applied.

Complete Feature-List in our KIX-Forum

A detailed documentation on the new features and the fixed bugs from KIX 18 v17 can be found in our KIX forum. There you can also send us your questions, hints or problems about KIX at any time.


The upcoming KIX version 18 will contain template groups for agents, the use of dynamic fields in ticket actions in the Self Service Portal, specifically using the example of the "satisfaction query" and administrative simplifications for the configuration of the GUI. We will then focus on the new add-on structure of KIXConnect and the KIXConnect extensions based on it.


The mandatory fields marked with * are essential for establishing contact.


The mandatory fields marked with * are essential for establishing contact.