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KIX Service Software is now working together with OpenCelium GmbH. Anyone who wants to integrate KIX with other software solutions without coding and REST API knowledge can now do so via API integration platform OpenCelium.


KIX CEO Rico Barth sees huge potential in the future collaboration:

"We are very pleased that OpenCelium and KIX - also thanks to open source - can be integrated quickly and, above all, pragmatically.

This creates clear added value for service management organisations that want to manage their tools and services via a central API hub."


KIX-Partnerschaft mit Open Celium der Becon GmbH

Andreas Geist, Head of Solution Sales, was already on site with a small exhibition stand as a partner at KIXCONF 2024 in Chemnitz and was able to make valuable contacts for future collaboration.

"I am delighted with the uncomplicated collaboration and the rapid progress of our joint appearance.

The strategic partnership between KIX and OpenCelium offers existing and new customers the opportunity to exchange data between applications even more flexibly. The seamless integration and automated management of API interfaces significantly improves the automation of IT processes in particular.

This significantly enriches projects and enables more efficient collaboration between customers, KIX and OpenCelium."

Sales Consultant and KIX Partner Manager, Frank Helm, is also enthusiastic:

"The future synergies with OpenCelium were obvious from the outset. The partnership was quickly established and the added value for customers is enormous due to the respective strengths and ease of integration. It's a very good fit both on a human and technical level.

This was also immediately apparent at our first joint appearance at this year's KIXCONF, where OpenCelium was very well received by the participants and aroused great interest.

We are therefore also looking forward to successful joint projects with Andreas Geist and his team - for the best possible benefit of both our customers."

KIX Sales Consultant und Partnermanager, Frank Helm

About OpenCelium:

Automated API management with OpenCelium
With the open source API management hub OpenCelium, API interfaces can be systematically and automatically configured, managed and synchronised: End-to-end, without code, using a connection wizard that allows users to build the desired interface individually via drag and drop or to use a ready-made interface from the template library "out of the box". This connection wizard connects applications for IT operations and IT service management in a simple way so that they can communicate seamlessly and exchange data with each other easily. This simplification of work leads to considerable time and cost savings for those responsible.

Connection wizard instead of API scripting
IT administrators and developers are faced with the challenge of further developing highly distributed systems in data centres and/or in the cloud during ongoing operations and continuously adapting them to current business requirements. Their goal is to ensure smooth IT operations by harmonising the various components between backend and frontend as well as web and IT services. Their central task is to manage programmable interfaces (APIs) between the various complex components. In simple terms, OpenCelium uses the API of application A to obtain data and translates it into the correct format for the API of application B. OpenCelium is not limited to two tools or unidirectional communication. Bidirectional communication can also be realised.

Why the name OpenCelium?
Mushrooms are enormously valuable and irreplaceable, both medically and ecologically. They recycle organic waste into nutrients and humus. Their mycelium, a network of hyphae, is used by trees to exchange information and warn of threats. This natural wonder inspires OpenCelium, whose name is derived from the English word "mycelium". "My" has been replaced by "open" to emphasise our open source philosophy. OpenCelium offers an open technology that connects applications and automates processes, similar to the way mycelium enables trees to communicate.

About KIX Service Software:

KIX Service Software GmbH develops and markets the eponymous service management software "KIX", one of the world's leading open source ITSM systems. Over 400 customers from various industries use KIX for their service management or technical customer service. 

The company, which was founded in 2006, is still growing today. CiCS, released in 2008, became KIX4OTRS, in 2014 the largest community module for ((OTRS)) Community Edition. This eventually gave rise to KIX, a separate and independent product, which was presented at CeBIT in 2015 and received a fantastic response. What started out as two offices in the Chemnitz Technology Centre has now become a flourishing company in the Chemnitz Schönherrfabrik and an office in Dresden.  

KIX is flexibly available as an on-prem or cloud solution. In addition to extensive and customisable basic functions (ticket system, asset management, self-service portal, knowledge and FAQ database, reporting, dashboards, etc.), KIX offers a wide range of expansion options. This means that professional field service management, automated device inventory and maintenance planning, 15 ITIL® 4 practices, time recording and much more can also be implemented.


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