KIX Release 17.17


Basically there will be no more fundamental innovations for KIX 17, as our focus is on the further development of KIX 18. Nevertheless, our aim is to further optimize the existing KIX 17 solution and improve its user-friendliness. With the latest version KIX 17.17 we were able to fix existing bugs. Further features are briefly described.

CKEditor: Switching between the context menu of the editor/browser

With the update of the libraries under KIX 17.15, the spellchecker in the CKEditor was omitted, as this is no longer supported with the newer version. In order to still offer a spell checker, we have created the option of using the browser's spell checker in the editor. In the personal settings of the agent, you can deactivate the normal context menu of the editor and now use the checking function of your browser if this is desired.

Ticket: Merge with checklists

Previously, when combining two tickets with checklists, the list from the source ticket was always discarded. You can now control this behavior. You can choose between "Adopting the list from the source ticket", "Keeping the list on the target ticket" or "Adding values ​​to the list on the target ticket with values ​​from the source ticket".

Templates in the customer frontend: Improvement of the options for restricting visibility

The "UserAttributeRestrictions" could previously be used to restrict which templates, processes or workflows were displayed in the overview in the customer front end. However, the options were limited. We have now added a blacklist and a whitelist so that you can control the visibility in a more targeted manner. Your old configurations will be transferred to the new format during the update.

For more detailed information on the new functions, please refer to our
KIX documentation, which we have supplemented accordingly.


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