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KIX Field Agent App 1.2

Update 1.2 brings better time scheduling, several improvements and bugfixes

The brand new version 1.2 of the KIX Field Agent App is available for iOS and Android now! We are glad to inform you about the many improvements and bugfixes of the update.

We have implemented the following improvements for you:

  • The scheduling and time recording in the app has been significantly optimized

    • By displaying work orders in time groups "today", "tomorrow", "next week", "later" and "all", the user has a better overview of the chronological order of orders.

    • The scheduling of work orders in the app has become more flexible. The planning data (start and end) of a work order can be changed in the app by the sales representative.

    • The app allows you to set a reminder status and time without having to change the deployment schedule itself. Shortly before and when this time is reached, the app reminds you of the ticket.

    • The time bookings made in the app are recorded and totaled in the backend. This simplifies the controlling of expenses in the field service.

    • The completion of the time recording was integrated into the completion of the order processing in the app.

  • The work order now shows directly in the detailed view of a ticket which work has to be carried out.

We fixed the following Bugs:

  • Articles set wrong content / mime type

  • RiskAssumption article contains blank checklist reference

Further information on the KIX Field Agent 1.2 can also be found in the corresponding forum post.

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