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KIX Release 18.14

New functions in KIX (version 18)

Individual contact and organization data (KIX Start/Pro/Cloud)

Dynamic fields are available on Contact and Organization business objects and allow the capture of extended information such as organization type (e.g. "supplier", "customer", "third party") or origin of the contact record (from which of the connected Active Directories), existence of an AV agreement, participation in newsletters or priority identification ("A customer") or VIP identification.

User advantage:

  • better handling of contacts and customers with more complete information

  • More integration options such as third-party IDs and jumps to ERP/CRM.

Advantage Admin:

  • additional information on contacts about origin or for further use and integration KIX

FAQ Usability Improvement

The FAQ suggestion feature has been enhanced to include consideration of affected assets or services, allowing a quick preview of a FAQ entry and its quick inclusion in the response to be created to a request or in the request itself. FAQ suggestions are now based on the affected assets in addition to the entered subject. This is achieved by means of individual fields on FAQ entries ("Dynamic Fields") and enables further applications such as additional details or classifications on the FAQ entry. 

  • User benefit:

    • More appropriate FAQ entries, matching the content of the inquiry and device or service

    • Faster answering of queries with specifications

    • Adaptive and modular answer templates via FAQ



Automation Complex ticket workflows (KIX Pro/Cloud)

Macros configurable in actions and jobs now support a simple loop control flow and variables. This makes it possible to distribute complex workflows (aka "processes") across multiple tickets that refer to each other. The ID's of created sub-tickets are noted on the triggering ticket and are available for future automations.

Possible general applications are a master-slave relationship where selected actions on the "master ticket" are applied to all subordinate "slave tickets". In a special form, this is used for "area faults" or complex tasks whose parts can also be executed in parallel. KIX17 users know this as part of the function as "template workflows" or distributed process configuration.

  • Advantage user:

    • Improved process support in KIX18

    • Support for complex workflows and automated feedback from subtasks.

  • Admin Benefit:

    • Completion of the KIX construction kit for mapping workflows and processes.



Configuration Self Service Portal (KIX Pro/Cloud)

The appearance of the self-service portal can now also be configured with regard to the colors or logos used. The colors to be displayed can be adapted depending on the customer identifier or also the FQDN called up, thus enabling customer-specific display of the self-service portal.

  • Advantage for customer users:

    • Appearance of the self-service portal suitable for me

  • Advantage Admin:

    • Use of a KIX to support different customers Customers to support but still create an individual perception

Improvement LDAP/Active Directory connection (KIX Start/Pro/Cloud)

The primary organization of a contact can now be determined or fixed based on an LDAP/AD attribute. In KIX Pro, multiple AD/LDAP hosts can now be specified in an "LDAP2Contact" synchronization job in order to map balancing or secondary domain controllers in a configuration. Furthermore, it is now possible in KIX Start, Pro and Cloud to set usage contexts of user contacts based on LDAP group memberships. The default roles assigned to the usage contexts are assigned automatically and simplify the configuration for KIX admins.

  • Advantage Admin:

    • More complete and easier LDAP/AD integration.

Many thanks to the forum users "buhlmann.rix" and "m.greune" for the feedback and suggestions on LDAP integration!

Other and bugfixing

Users of the agent portal receive immediate click feedback when an action is performed. Administrators have the option to restart/reload the background daemon. To ensure that changes in the SysConfig are directly taken into account. Migration from KIX17 now also supports conversion of services from KIX17 to service assets in KIX18.



The mandatory fields marked with * are essential for establishing contact.


The mandatory fields marked with * are essential for establishing contact.