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KIX Field Agent App 1.1

Update 1.1 brings several improvements and bugfixes

The brand new version 1.1 of the KIX Field Agent App is available for iOS and Android now! We are glad to inform you about the many improvements and bugfixes of the update.

We have implemented the following improvements for you:

  • The signatures and checklists are now included directly in the work reports (not just as attachments) and thus provide a complete working summary.

  • Rejected tickets can no longer be further processed and are arranged in separate groups.

  • A refusal can now also be made offline.

  • After logging off, the app remembers the last used KIX-URL and allows you to login again more quickly.

  • Users are reminded as soon as the waiting time of a ticket has been reached.

  • The email drafts from a ticket are pre-loaded with To and CC recipient and the subject (ticket number).

  • The error messages are now described in a more detailed way.

  • Users will be informed as soon as the app is back online.

  • The logo in the start screen is added the first time the app is started.

We fixed the following Bugs:

  • The waiting time is not shown as 01.01.1970 anymore.

  • The attachment selection in note attachment opens normally.

  • Ticket uploads after offline processing work normally again.

  • Asset and FAQ view with large asset/FAQ stocks loads faster.

  • Checklists cannot be edited anymore if ticket not downloaded.



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