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Using a different DBMS? Here we explain a practical case

If KIX is to be used "on premises" with a database management system (DBMS) other than the one supplied, this is also possible within limits. This is one of the many advantages of open source software: flexibility that is tested and verified by external forces! But how exactly does such a DBMS change work with KIX?

A valid use case is, for example, an already existing separate PostgreSQL DB server. To achieve this, the "environment" file must be adapted before the first start-up of KIX. During the first startup, the database connection is saved persistently written to the backend container. If this is missed, the existing container should simply be removed and a new environment started. 

The database named in <kixdbname> must be available, created with UTF-8 encoding and empty, and must be fully accessible and editable to the DB user <kixdbuser> by means of the password <kixdbuserpw> via the host name <dbhost>. The user must be allowed to create, modify and delete DB structures (table, views, indices, etc.).

Note on MySQL/MariaDB using:

The use of a DBMS other than PostgreSQL in version 12 or 13 is expressly NOT recommended and is not supported externally. MySQL/MariaDB is only supported on KIX.Cloud in the "Percona" version.

In the medium to long term, it can be assumed that support for MySQL will be dropped, as some functionalities are not available in MySQL/MariaDB - but very much so in PostgreSQL (e.g. a high-performance full-text search).



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