KIX Release 18.12

The new KIX 18.12 release is now available!

To make it easier for new users to get started with KIX, a setup assistant has been created. It supports the most important first setup steps and helps to reduce the access barrier for the initial configuration. Some of the distributed configuration has been integrated at a single point. 

In the course of this adjustment, the configuration of the email server for sending was also brought from "the depths of SysConfig" to the GUI interface. To set up the settings, the admin item "Communication/Email/Outbox" can now be called up.

The layout of the notifications can now be adjusted via GUI. On the one hand this is a step in the Setup Assistant, on the other hand the feature can be accessed later under "Automation/Notification Template". A preview with placeholder text allows the layout to be checked immediately before saving and applying.

Some performance improvements have been made to improve the user experience.

The search for organisations and contacts is now carried out without an automatic wildcard prefix to be able to use indices under MariaDB as well. For "on-premises" (i.e. PostgreSQL as DBMS) or environments with a manageable organisation/contact database, the known behaviour can be restored via SysConfig (ContactSearch::UseWildcardPrefix, OrganisationSearch::UseWildcardPrefix). The performance of such searches is unproblematic in PostgreSQL thanks to extended indexing options.

For occasionally required searches regarding display errors in emails or further use outside KIX, it is now again possible to download the source code of an email article. 


The mandatory fields marked with * are essential for establishing contact.


The mandatory fields marked with * are essential for establishing contact.