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KIX Release 18.11

New functions in KIX (version 18)

Release 18.11 is available now. In it, you will find numerous new features available to you. Alongside expansion of the search and filter criteria and automatic notifications, the focus of this release is on software usability. When using the ticket processing dialogs to create tickets, you can now also move back and forth between note and email afterwards, without losing the inputs that you have already made. In addition, you can edit the customer number and customer ID afterwards, simplifying the initial setup, while also being able to represent changes to company names.

There are no longer timeouts for creation and editor dialogs. Actions that take a long time can continue to run in the background without causing a timeout. A notification (toast) informs the processor when the action is completed, without making them interrupt their work. Therefore, the workflow is not affected adversely.

Furthermore, the release contains a new function for time recording in tickets.

For every workstep, the required time can be entered in the ticket dialogs, independently of whether an article has been created. The total of all recorded times will finally be available as a feature of the ticket and will form the basis for billing or target/actual comparisons, for example. Therefore, the outlay actually required as part of the procedure is recorded, and can be used as the basis for performance-based billing.

Furthermore, the release includes a small add-on for simplified ticket recording for the customer portal that can be integrated externally (web form).



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