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KIX Release 18.10

New functions in KIX (version 18)

The new KIX Release 18.10 is now available! A new sidebar element provides you with concise visual contact information concerning the relevant ticket. The info box enables external links (URLs), which you can choose whether or not to display. As a result, the KIX agent portal can be connected and integrated into tools such as CRM, Google Maps etc. more easily. By combining what used to be two sidebar features concerning contact and organization, we use screen space more efficiently and focus the user's attention better. An alternative application example is displaying the most important SLA information, or a "revival" of the classic ticket core details sidebar.

A side-effect of this is that organization logos or contact avatars can now also be entered and displayed in the sidebar.

When creating and closing an "incident" ticket, the incident status of the relevant asset will automatically be updated. Therefore, when you open a fault for an asset, it immediately displays that there is a fault. When this is closed, the intended status will be restored – as long as there are no other faults.

The dynamic ticket actions introduced as part of the last release have been reworked again to ensure more convenient maintenance and better usability – to provide you with more reliable configuration and more comfortable operation, we have made a number of small improvements here.



The mandatory fields marked with * are essential for establishing contact.


The mandatory fields marked with * are essential for establishing contact.