KIX Release 18.8

New functions in KIX (version 18)

It is now possible to automatically anonymize tickets that have been completed. No additional add-on is required for this – just our software, which provides all the features needed for this, straight out of the box. In the automation jobs, you can set which ticket information should be anonymized. By default, the job is set to anonymize the information about the person processing the job, the change history, and the customer and contact details.

We are also presenting the KIX Self Service Portal as part of this release. This portal enables users with log-in authorization to create new tickets themselves and see their previous cases and those currently outstanding, as well as the knowledge database and all relevant assets (devices). It provides flexible options for configuring the asset assignments and the displayed asset information.

The new release version also introduces a flexible service level management concept for KIX Pro and KIX Cloud. This concept enables the ticket to use not only device-based service levels, but also SLAs that do not reference a particular device. The specifications for the SLA criteria "Initial response" and "Resolution time" are stipulated by the SLAs here. The specified duration relates to business minutes based on the calendar that applies in the system.

If one or more "affected assets" have been recorded for a ticket and "SLA by Affected Asset/s" (= device-based SLA) is set for this ticket, then the SLA criteria of the affected devices apply for the ticket. In terms of the SLA criteria, the shortest time specified applies. This ensures that an asset does not remain disrupted for longer than is permitted, and prevents a situation where no response is sent for a reported case.

Overviews and lists enable the user to quickly see which SLA criterion is at risk of being breached – or in fact has already been breached – for a ticket, and which tickets have been dealt with in compliance with the SLA. This means the teams retain an overview of the key tasks that they need to complete.

It is now also possible to define your business hours down to the exact minute for each day, meaning your business hours are no longer restricted to whole hours.

When is a ticket considered to have been responded to, and when is it resolved? With the new release, you can define these points individually using automation jobs. This means, for example, that a final classification can be set, after which tickets are considered resolved even if they have not been closed and/or are still being post-processed.

You can now also install KIX 18 on your Windows Server. Detailed instructions are available from


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