Coronavirus: an opportunity for digitalization

April 09, 2020, 09:37


Use KIX to overcome the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has placed companies of all sizes across the globe in an unprecedented situation; one which they have never experienced before in any way. Alongside the urgent need to protect the health and lives of their employees, companies were suddenly forced to adapt to the new situation, essentially overnight, as a result of nationwide bans on social contact and lockdown rules. They did this to remain capable of trading, to generate and fulfill orders, and ultimately to keep their business operations going. cape IT offers the ideal solution for dealing with such a scenario: KIX, the comprehensive system for technical service, IT service, and maintenance management based on open-source technology.

Whether you work in the public sector, healthcare, facility management, or industry: The new and innovative KIX service software enables all users to centrally manage and structure all their service workflows and all internal and external jobs, distribute them to the service teams, and finally also document them – regardless of where they are. This makes the workflows much more efficient, means they can be managed and measured, and allows for the necessary quality assurance. Companies can use KIX either "on premises" or integrate it into their workflows as a cloud-based solution. KIX also gives employees who are working from home or are spread across multiple sites the flexibility they need to collaborate and complete their tasks faster. In doing so, the software impresses with its intuitive operation, meaning companies can save themselves lengthy induction sessions and minimize the follow-up costs associated with training.

Companies who opt for KIX Cloud benefit not only from transparent costs, but also the flexibility to scale their operations without being restricted by their own internal limits in terms of resources. As a result, the IT technicians are fundamentally able to focus on supporting in-house operations, while the cloud runs in a stable environment on a server hosted in Germany. What's more, the new KIX version is the only open-source software that can be used on the go thanks to a new, modern, fully fledged app. This enables your technicians to work both online and offline without needing to change over their equipment. In this way, companies who have recently realized that they have not yet come close to exploiting their full digital potential, can use the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity and deploy KIX to chart a new course. The wealth of different applications and possibilities are a testament to how KIX can be used flexibly while still meeting each company's specific needs. Whether in the cloud or as an "on premises" version – KIX digitalizes and simplifies your workflows, even in a pandemic. It networks your operations, making it the perfect solution for staff who are working from home.


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