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June 12, 2018, 10:45

On the very first day of CeBIT 2018, c.a.p.e. IT's and UIB's shared partner stand played host to some very prestigious visitors. The Digital Agenda working group of the German Federal Parliament dropped by and caused quite a stir. The 21-strong delegation was accompanied by Peter Ganten, Chairman of the Open Source Business Alliance (OSB Alliance), and Karl Krüger, Head of Public Sector from OSB Alliance's office in the capital city. As a longstanding member of the OSB Alliance and a manufacturer of open-source software for technical customer service and industrial maintenance for Industry 4.0, c.a.p.e. IT GmbH was only too happy to provide a platform for this meeting.

Rico Barth, Managing Director of c.a.p.e. IT, welcomed the working group to the stand shared by the two software companies and opened the discussions. Initially, the focus was on general matters pertaining to open source and its advantages. However, Peter Ganten also steered the conversation to aspects such as improved security through the provision of, and ability to audit, the software code; the freedom in choosing a supplier; the general security of the software; and the long-term viability of the investment. The working group then posed questions about security when it comes to data leaks and espionage, for example. The representatives from the OSB Alliance were, of course, able to answer these in detail and eliminate any doubts. The officials from the German Federal Parliament also found out more about another key topic for them: the administration costs and work involved.

At the end of the discussions, the participants exchanged contact details so as to continue the productive dialog in the future. Rico Barth explained: "It goes without saying that it was a great experience for us to be able to host this meeting. It would be great if these topics could also be explored further by the German Federal Parliament in Berlin, as the benefits are clear to see and were brilliantly explained by my two colleagues from the OSB Alliance."



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